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Quileuta, Washington

Sol Duc Falls & Moss

Sol Duc Falls

Hurricane Ridge, Sunset

Rainbow Creek

Green Mossy Rocks

Little Falls

Red Berries & Moss

Merrymere Falls

Salmon Cascades

Upper Sol Duc Falls

Sea Stacks, Rialto Beach

Spruce and Ferns

Rialto Beach

Light Beams, Rialto Beach

Ruby Beach

Kalalock Beach

Arches of Moss, Hoh Rainforest

Hall of Mosses, Hoh Rainforest

Falls Along the Trail

Spruce & Clover

Old Spruce

Lower Salmon Cascades

Spruce Trail, Hoh Rainforest

Fallen Cedar & Ivy

Moss & Trees

Hall of Mosses

Sunset, Rialto Beach

Sea Stacks, La Push

Falls Along the Trail

Green Lace

On Sol Duc Trail

Delicate Trees

Ferns & Clover

Arches of Moss

Sea Stacks at Sunset

Back-lit Leaves

Hanging Moss

Stands of Spruce with Moss

Stand of Hemlock

Spruce & Hemlock

Pathway to the Past

Old Growth Spruce

Backlit Leaves

Sea Stacks & Sunset

The Cascade Range