Dennis Halkides Galleries

Barn, Arcata Bottoms

Messing Around

Sunset, Eureka Boat Basin

Angry Sea at Sunset, Trinidad

Angry Sea

Crab Pots, New Season, Trinidad

Eureka Boat Basin

Go Fish

Ingamar Club, Eureka

Ladybird Johnson Redwood Park 2

Ladybird Johnson Redwood Park

Pier, Trinidad Bay

Rough Surf, Indian Beach

Seaweed, Indian Beach

Stone Lagoon Schoolhouse

Sunset, Trinidad Beach

Trinidad Bay Eastward

Trinidad Bay Panorama

Across the Street, 202, Eureka

College Cove, Trinidad Panorama

Eureka Boat Basin

Eureka Boat Basin

Eureka Boat Basin Dock H3

Eureka Boat Basin Windwalker

Eureka Boat Basin, November 7, 2010

Eureka Boat Basin, Sunset

Eureka Marina, Pelican and Gull

Eureka Marina, Red Pontoons

Eureka Marina, The Terry S

Sea Stack and Lighted Rock

Sequoia Park

Sequoia Park 2

Trinidad Head, Sea Stacks

Trinidad Millcreek Theater Panorama

Woodley Island Boat Basin from Eureka

Woodley Island Boat Basin from Eureka 2

Footprints In The Sand

Redwoods, Bullcreek Flat

Wall of Ferns

Ethereal Sea

Fishing Boats, Eureka

Nilsen Barn

Barn, Ferndale Bottom

Office, Roger Hawkins

Marina, Woodley Island

Alders, Fern Canyon

Red Sails

Pebble Beach

Seal Rock

Redwoods & Ferns

Fields of Mustard

Wildflower in Clover

Glowing Moss

Old Sequoia

Clover with Redwoods

New and Old

Old Growth Redwood

Bed of Ferns

Ferns, Logs & Ivy

Hanging Ferns

Ferns in Fall

Leaves & Log

Wall of Ferns 2

Ferns & Stream


Road Not Taken

Indian Beach

Indian Beach and Boy

Mist and Seastacks

Trinidad Harbor

Trinidad Lighthouse 2

Trinidad Seastacks, Surf

Wildflowers and Surf

Trinidad Sunset

Seastacks and Fog

Trinidad Lighthouse

Moonstone Beach Reflection

Seastacks and Surf, Moonstone

Horses and Surf

Surf and Trinidad Head

Trinidad from Moonstone

Pampas Grass in Sunset

Indian Beach Sunset

Klamath National Forest Coast

Seascape, Klamath Coast

Trees and Leaves, Klamath #2

Trees and Leaves, Klamath

Sunset, Pod House #1

Trinidad Head

Trinidad Bay

Seaside Pampas

Lone Surfer

Seastacks and Clouds

Seastacks and Reflections

Old Redwood Highway, Miranda

Old Tree By The Road, Cow Creek

Clover and Redwood, Bull Creek

Road To Honey Dew

Redwood Grove, Bull Creek

Cow Creek

Cow Creek Flat, Early Light

Cow Creek Flat #2

Cow Creek Flat

Second Growth Redwood

Old Growth Redwood and Ivy

Trail, Bull Creek Flat

Two Roads Diverged

Redwood Saddle Revisited

Fallen Soldier

Redwoods and Ivy

The Test by Fire

Rockefeller Reserve

Bull Creek Flat

A February Rose, Eureka